1412 Point Breeze Place Far Rockaway NY 11691 listed on MLS is still a fraud. Prices and owners changed as often as you changed your underwear. In 2016 the price and owners changed three times in January to August,(On January 27th $69,000, March 15th $59,000 after I elaborated on the price decrease, now on August 15th it is back up to $69,000), solely because this is a fraud. These developers should be playing with legos not peoples’ minds.

As proved on this site this property is unbuildable, unsellable and unretainable, yet still these phonies  tried to continue to do this. Please don’t get caught up in these scams. You would just loose your monies to these phonies like I did. This property just continues to depreciate, yet still the price fluctuates back and forth.  One of the questions you may have is that this property is too good to be true, that is the only truth pertaining to this. As it is a lie since I first shook hands with Aurohom Shoop in the early 200os.

Please be aware. Feel free to contact me at anytime via my email address at thewayto-ny@hotmail.com or this website.


Machaceh was born when Aurohom Shoop and Anthony Kuar collided in the purchase of 1416 Point Breeze Pl. Far Rockaway Queens NY 11691 which happened early 2006, in Anthony’s quest for a tranquil shorefront, a place to reside, a little piece of paradise on the outskirts of the hustle and bustle of the city. Unfortunately this was deluded when Aurohom Shoop of Empire Homes and many other AKA since started a construction in the front yard of this property which was deemed unbuildable since 1972. See wetland delineation by qualified engineer, Maxwell Cohen which is provided on this site and is open to all research.

Aurohom Shoop tried to resume building in 2010 after being shut down in 2006 by DEC after providing proof of delineation and 1972 wetland laws along with a stop work order from building department.

Now when all else fails, in 2016 Empire Homes AKA Aurohom Shoop AKA David Doe is now trying to sell this property with an illegal approved plan and certification of occupancy on Multiple Listing Services for the discounted price of $69,000.00. My question to Aurohom Shoop, Empire Homes, David Doe and all the Does that may appear hereafter, the department of buildings, MLS, Zilo and all the advertising agency and qualifying real estate board, Is this worth what was a little piece of paradise on our future?  This property is not buildable, sellable or retainable.

Beware of Aurohom Shoop’s, Empire Homes’s, David Does and whatever other names there may pop up and their unethical tactics.

These comments is solely made by Machaceh and its proprietor. Help us turn this void that is into what was.