Thanks to recipients and visitors

Thanks to all my recipients and visitors to

There are times I become weary but your encouraging words and information gave me strength to continue my fight.  Daily I see the erosion and destruction of the water front due to our abuse and continuous ability to pollute and contaminate it.  I will upload some pictures in the near future to explain further.

Aurohom Shoop and I are both in communication to address and maximize our potential to slow down if not  to stop this depreciation.

Thanks again for your input, it gives me strength.

Machaceh was born in 2006

When a developer Aurohom Shoop attempted to start construction in the wet lands adjacent to the Northern Basin a tributary of Jamaica Bay, then homeowner ANTHONY KUAR took on the task of stopping this construction, which was stopped on October 2nd 2006.

Seven years later this 95ft by 50ft plot of land sitting at the bottom of Point Breeze Place once a beautiful landscape now an eye soar, a home for rodents and overgrown foliage, doing more harm to the eco system which life as we know it depends on.